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It’s better to make a present yourself than to buy it.

Nowadays the problem of giving presents has arisen. Some people assume that it is better to buy a present while others claim that it is more important to make a gift yourself. I strongly believe that handmade presents impress people more than gifts from the shop. Firstly, when you do something yourself you do it […]

Some of my friends say there’s nothing better than reading a good book while others would rather watch its film version

A great deal has changed since the cinematograph appeared. Nowadays there are many screen adaptations of literary works and they have become extremely popular. Some people are sure that reading books is the enjoyable kind of leisure. However, others prefer films to original literature(??) I absolutely support the idea that reading is the most pleasant […]

Life in the countryside is not for young people.

These days, there are different opinions about living in the countryside. Some people think that countryside is not for young people, while others argue that it is the best place to live for them. In my opinion, living in the city is far preferable for young people than living in the countryside for a number […]

Exams make students study harder

The studying process is unthinkable without exams. People tend to believe that exams encourage students to devote more time to studying. However, some people claim that the role of exams is too exaggerated. From my point of view, exams do not motivate students to study harder due to several reasons. Firstly, many students have not […]