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Central parts of big cities should be closed to private transport

Traffic jams in big cities is one of the most important and tough problems nowadays. Some people think that according to their idea that if you prohibit the passage of personal cars in the center it will reduce traffic jams.

Personally, I strongly object to this statement. To begin with, people who live or work in the center could not come to the place they need. It is not good because this will increase the number of people in the subway in the morning. Secondly, if I as a tourist want to rent a car and see the tourist attractions. I will not be able to do it because more interesting place are located in the center.

Other people claim that it is better to the ban center of the big cities for private cars, because you cannot feel yourself comfortable and safety among the fast flow of machines. You cannot walk among beautiful buildings without the noise of cars.

To a certain extent, it is right, but I think completely banning is not right. The government can do parking fee at tourist attractions, paid parking and something else.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above I want say that this problem has not clear solution. I believe that a total ban will meet more problems and protests from the city’s residents. (221 слово)