Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Every city and town should have a zoo.

Every person knows what a zoo is. Some of them consider that all cities should contain this unique place, while other people argue that a zoo in each town is unacceptable.

To my way of thinking, having a zoo everywhere has many disadvantages. First of all, zoos are a prison for wild animals. Tigers, bears, eagles and so on cannot move freely because it is not their natural environment and they are always surrounded by grilles. Additionally, who can guarantee the perfect treatment? Sometimes the staff does not care about what animals eat, where and how they sleep, and other comfortable conditions may be ignored too.

Nevertheless, there are some people who suggest that zoos are the best entertainment especially for children. Pupils have an opportunity to see rare animals by their own eyes and learn something new and interesting.

However, I strongly believe that animals suffer, whereas visitors have fun. Flash cameras, noise, extremely attention are not what the wild creatures are need in their lives.All of this may influence on their behavior and health.

To sun up, I want to say that zoos of the huge cities where people able to provide decent conditions for the existence are not a bad idea but not every city and town can do it. Therefore zoos should not be everywhere.