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It’s better to make a present yourself than to buy it.

Nowadays the problem of giving presents has arisen. Some people assume that it is better to buy a present while others claim that it is more important to make a gift yourself.

I strongly believe that handmade presents impress people more than gifts from the shop. Firstly, when you do something yourself you do it sincerely and put a part of your soul to the process. It is always pleasant to get presents made from the heart. Secondly, gifts from the shop may not fulfill enough the requirements of the recipient. When you do the present yourself you consider the interests and wishes of the person so the result of your work will make him really content.

However, my opponents find buying gifts more beneficial. They claim that there are a lot of useful things in the shop which can be bought but not made.

In spite of my respect for the opposing opinion I cannot agree with it. I am sure that people can buy useful things themselves. But the point is that the gift is a sign of attention and remind of the creator. In my opinion, these factors are far significant.

To sum up, I would like to say that making presents is better than buying them. People should attach importance to handmade presents because such gifts will be more pleasant for the recipient.