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Реальное эссе ЕГЭ 2020 – To be healthy, it is enough to eat healthy food

Nowadays quite many people try to add healthy habits in their lives. Healthy diet is considered to be the only aspect which a person should control to be healthy by some individuals, but others disagree and say that healthy food is not enough to lead healthy lifestyle.

In my opinion, eating food without chemicals, much sugar and fats is not the only part of people’s health. Firstly, the schedule of sleep also has an impact on person’s health. Working abilities depend on sleeping hours because people cannot concentrate if they do not sleep enough. Some individuals try to forget about sleep with the help of coffee but it also influences on health hardly. Secondly, doing exercise and walking on foot is important for people’s well-being. These activities help a person keep fit.

However, some people have an opposing oponion. They claim state of health depends only on healthy food. In fact, unhealthy eating habits can lead to different illnesses. Quality of food influences on state of health, energy and people’s emotions.

Nevertheless, I disagree with the opposing opinion. From my point of view, health diet is not the only aspect of people’s well-being. Fresh air and sport activities help individuals prevent illnesses and gain positive emotions too. If people do not exercise enough, they will be in bad shappe even with the help of healthy diet.

All in all, I believe that food without chemicals, much sugar and facts is not the only aspect which a person should control to be healthy.