Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Реальное эссе ЕГЭ 2020 — It is better to travel alone

Sometimes choosing a partner for travelling can be tough. Many people believe that it is more convenient to have a trip without friends or family, whereas others claim that it is risky and boring.

From my point of view, travelling alone is rather appealing. To begin with, it is cheaper as one can find a plane ticket or book a hotel room with a huge sale which allows to save a fortune. Travel agencies usually offer lower prices to those who travel by themselves as otherwise it brings no progit. Moreover, people are free to choose any activity they want depending on their hobbies and interests. For instance, not everyone is keen on art and that is why some travellers cannot visit an art gallery but this problem can be easily solved while having a trip alone.

However, some people are convinced that it is much nicer to have a partner during a journey. In their opinion, travelling alone is dangerous as there is no one who can help. They think a traveller can get lost or get into trouble.

I disagree with this idea because there is always an opportunity to ask locals for help. They know their city and can show a right direction to the certain place. In addition, there are many useful apps which work without the Internet.

In conclusion, I would say that everyone chooses the option which is good for them but I still prefer travelling alone. It is important to remember that one of the essential parts of having a trip is a person’s comfort.