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The circus is the best entertainment foe children

The circus is widely known entertainment which provides an astonishing shows either for children or adults. But some people consider that circus is not a source of happiness, it is a cruel business, and its performances are definitely not for kids. Let’s speculate what makes them think so.

I disagree with the statement that circus’s performances should be shown to the children. At first, there are lots of circuses which use animals to attract the audience and make money. People keep their main workers in terrifying conditions, making tigers, bears and other public favourites perform the tricks by beating and keeping in hunger. Children should not see such an unhuman cruelty. Secondly, noisy shows can be scary, harmful for the immature mentality. Brightly made up clowns, risky tricks… Sometimes adults cannot watch it without fear, so what we can say about kids.

However, there are people who suppose circus to be the best entertainment. They take children there to show the beautiful performances of acrobats and gymnasts. They are sure that watching it they spend time with pleasure and benefit.

Respecting this opinion, I dare say that I do not share it. In childhood people are not able to appreciate the professional work of performers. Children do not have enough experience to understand how amazing it is, for them it is just a frightening trick.

Summing it up, circus provides fabulous shows, but I think that they are not intended for children.