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In the digital age museums are still important

Some people claim that nowadays museums are losing their popularity, whereas others believe that museums are the best places where people can touch the history.

To my way of thinking, museums play an important part in our life. First of all, visiting museums give us an opportunity to see different exhibits and to touch them. The museum guide presents the necessary information about ancient history and our previous generation in the most interesting and captivating way. Secondly, museum is one of forms of educational entertainment, which helps to spend free time usefully. Students, adults, children, retirees can go to museum spending leisure time with pleasure and knowing new facts about life of our ancestors.

However, some believe, that in our time museums are not important. Furthermore, people can obtain all necessary information about previous life from the Internet as known as the most convenient kind of mass media. Such electronics device helps to avoid crowd, save time and money for tickets.

Nevertheless, I disagree with this point of view, because the Internet can not express the mood and feelings of museum life. People never understand the whole importance of ancient relics of our ancestors through computer’s screen. Even in the digital age museums stay important only face to face.

In conclusion, I can state that people can get information about ancient times from the Internet, ТV or other kind of mass media, but the visual and reliable information can provide only museums.