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Some people think that using mobile phones while driving should be prohibited

There is no doubt that mobile phones have become an indispensable part of modern life. Many people think that using these devices while driving must be forbidden, whereas others disagree with this point of view.

In my opinion, people should drive without using mobile phones. Firstly, it is a safe way to move for both driver and pedestrian because they can pay attention to the road. Secondly, mobile phones disturb people and sometimes make their trip inconvenient for them. Hence, drivers have an opportunity to concentrate on the process of driving. Finally, they can avoid fine and punishment for accidents.

However, there are those who think that mobile phones should be allowed to use in the car. According to their opinion, hands-free devices for conducting calls are safer because people’s hands are able to do another task. Therefore, hands-free set lets them to phone and drive at the same time. Additionally, it helps them to talk to each other in the case of some pressing issues.

Despite this, I do not agree with these statements. Today drivers can get financial penalties even for calling with the help of hands-free device. What is more, governments are going to confiscate mobiles in order to punish for breaking rules on the road.

In conclusion, even though there are different points of view on this problem, I am inclined to believe that using phones while driving has a detrimental effect on people’s life.