Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Life in the countryside is not for young people.

These days, there are different opinions about living in the countryside. Some people think that countryside is not for young people, while others argue that it is the best place to live for them.

In my opinion, living in the city is far preferable for young people than living in the countryside for a number of reasons. Firstly, cities offer a great number of possibilities for teenagers. Young people can have quality social life and meet with interesting people on a daily basis. It often helps them to build advanced social skills which will be useful in adulthood. Secondly, cities have many places of entertainment. Young people can go from cinemas and discos to museums, parks and zoos. They will not get bored if they have various places to go out. Finally, in cities teenagers may have a possibility to receive a proper education, whereas villages might often have only one school which does not have professional teachers.

However, some people believe that living in the countryside is a better option for young people. The countryside offers an organic food, clean air and unpolluted water, which lead to great conditions for growing up and building a strong health.

I cannot agree that good environment is the main reason why teenagers should live in the countryside. A quick and efficient treatment is extremely valuable for teenagers. Citizens can often have a better medicine help, while villagers may not get a qualified therapy.

In conclusion, although there are different points of view on the issue of living in the countryside, I think living in the city is a better alternative for young people.