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Эссе – Physical Training is the most important school subject

There is no doubt that school education ought to develop students’ both mental and physical abilities. However, some people believe that Physical Training is the most essential curricular discipline. In this essay, I would like to express my point of view on this problem.

To my mind, Physical Education should not be considered to be the most important school subject. Firstly, classic school sciences provide students with basic knowledge of the world, whereas sport only improves their physical skills. If students are made to concentrate on trainings instead of learning other subjects, it will undoubtedly lead to decrease in their intellectual abilities. Secondly, enlightenment forms a scientific potential of the world. Therefore, students’ ignorance of school disciplines caused by dedication to Physical Training is most likely to lead to the lack of qualified specialists in technological spheres, which will certainly inflict an economical damage to the world.

However, some are inclinde to think that Physical Education is truly a vital school subject because trainings are necessary to stay healthy.

Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with this opinion as doing sports and keeping fit are certainly possible in extra-curricular time.

To summarise, everyone is entitled to follow the opinion they consider the best. Personally, I think that Physical Training cannot be taken as the most necessary school discipline.