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Эссе — For teenagers camping is the best way to spend summer holidays

It is quite natural to have different opinions on various problems. As the saying goes, «So many men, so many minds». Some people claim that camping is the best opportunity for young people to spend their summer holidays. Others disagree with it. I am going to look upon this issue and express my own point of view.

In my opinion, camping is really the greatest way for teenagers to spend summer holidays. Firstly, while camping you can learn more about the nature and about your planet. Secondly, camping teaches you to be self-organized. Thirdly, there are a lot of fun things to do while camping during summer holidays for young people. For example, you can swim in the river.

As I respect my opponents’ opinion, I would like to show on alternative point of view. Advocates of this opinion say that camping is not the greatest way for teenagers to spend summer holidays. First of all, campling can be dangerous for youngsters. Moreover, there are better ways for teenagers to spend their summer weekends, such as studying at a summer school etc.

However, I can hardly agree with such an opinion because everything in our life can be dangerous, you just should be careful and everything will be good. I think that children should not study during summer. It is their time to relax.

In conclusion, I would like to state once more that in spite of different opinions my point of view is that there is no better way to spend summer holidays for teenagers than camping.

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