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One cannot make real friends online эссе Английский язык ЕГЭ 2019

Nowadays communication via the Internet has become very popular. Some people are sure that social networks give a great opportunity to find real friends, whereas others think that it is impossible.

Personally, I think that communicating with people online is an amazing chance to make real friends. First of all, the Internet offers an amount of various groups in social networks where one can find a person with the same interests. Moreover, sharing similar hobbies is a perfect platform for building a strong friendship. Besides, people who texted each other and enjoyed mutual communication can meet in real life if they live nearby.

On the other hand, there are those who say that making friends online is not possible and can be even harmful. They say that people in social networks often lie about their real identities and that cannot be a good basement for friendship. Besides, people in the Internet can be cheaters and that is why it is very hard to find a true friend that one can trust.

Although these arguments are not groundless, I cannot agree with this opinion. I am sure that being careful and controlling who to trust can provide one safe communication and successful making friends online.

To conclude, despite the fact that some people think that finding friends in the social networks is impossible and sometimes even dangerous, in my opinion the Internet gives a priceless oppirtunity to make friends if one is careful while communicating online.