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Эссе на 14 баллов — Foreign language is the most important school subject

Our life is inconceivable without having a good school education. However, some people claim that foreign language is of a greater importance than any other subject taught at school, whereas others hold an opposite view.

Personally, I think that foreign language is truly the most important school subject. Firstly, it is impossible to interact and communicate with other people of our multi-cultural society without being able to speak at least one foreign language, for example, English, which is the most wide-spread one. Secondly, studying a language helps one developing their cognitive and social skills, which are crucial if one wants to be successful later in life.

However, there are people who tend to think differently. Their opinion is that the most important subject in school curriculum is IT due to the fact that computers and digital technologies are being used in every sphere of our life and professions like web-developer are getting more and more popular and well-paid.

To my mind, this viewpoint lacks sufficient ground and cannot be considered reasonable due to the following reasons. The software and programs used in the IT are often written in English so a good knowledge of the language is a key to success in this occupation. Besides, employees who are proficient in any foreign language usually have higher salary. Thus, students should pay specific attention to their studying of foreign languages.

All things considered despite there are various opinions on the issue, I still firmly believe that foreign language is way more important than any other subject and therefore should be studied thoroughly.