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The future of education — books or computers? What is your opinion? Are computers going to replace printed books in the future?

Nowadays, the problem of replacing printed books causes intense controversy. Some people claim that books will be replaced by digital technologies, while others think that it is not going to happen. I would like to express my opinion on this problem. In my view, the future of education is behind the computers. Firstly, with the […]

Pets relieve stress

There are differing opinions about whether pets can help people to relieve stress. Some think that animals enable a person to reduce stress, whereas others claim that they do not. To my way of thinking, pets allow people to reduce tension anxiety. Firstly, keeppets are less likely to feel lonely. Moreover, home animals may be […]

In recent years tourism has really taken off. However, many people think that tourism ruins everything that it touches. What is your opinion? Should we develop tourism

Nowadays, the problem of tourism causes strong arguments and controversy. On the one hand, tourism is an amazing way to spend time. On the other hand, tourism can be damaging. I would like to express my opinion on this problem. In my view, tourism should be developed. Firstly, tourism industry has a great influence on […]