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University education is essential for young people эссе 14 баллов ЕГЭ Английский язык

The problem of having education is quite a relevant issue nowadays. While some people consider that university education is crucial for youngsters, others believe that educational skills are unnecessary and must not be considered by youth. Let us speculate on what makes them suppose so.

Personally, I support the first point of view. To begin with, availability of university education allows adolescents to settle in life, get a decent job and get a high salary. Moreover, educational skills obtained in the university broaden people’s mind today, help us to have common interests with new individuals and share new fabulous information with them.

I must say some persons do not share this point of view. They claim that availability of university education does not play a great role in our lives, as some people can have a good job, have a sustainable position in life and be happy without having of education.

I am afraid I cannot agree with the opponents, because I strongly sure that there are a lot of restrictions for people who do not have university education, for instance, a low salary, the narrow choice of professions, possibility to travel and etc.

To sum up it all, I still support my point of view, as my arguments seem more convincing. Despite the disputes of various sceptics, I am convinced that university education plays a great role in our life, so it matters to have it.