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University education is essential for young people эссе 14 баллов Английский язык

Ever since the first university was opened, people have been arguing whether going to the university should be mandatory or not. Some people believe that it is unacceptable to only have a high school certificate, while others think that each case is different, and many people do not need any further education.

From my point of view, everyone can choose for themselves. Firstly, there are many great jobs that do not require a University diploma. Many people do not want to continue their education, because they have their own career goals. Secondly, some people want to start their own business and be self-employed. Those people do not need to attend the university as well.

However, some people disagree with my opinion. They insist that university gives one the opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. They believe that young people are unaware of the world surrounding them, thus they should explore it through the university.

I am afraid I cannot agree with the opposing opinion. I believe that the usage of these opportunities depends on the person solely, as everybody decides whether to take these chances or not. Moreover, these opportunities can be obtained by an ordinary person as well. I think that going to the university is not the only way to learn about the world. For example, it can be done through travelling.

In conclusion I would like to reiterate that there are two points of view on whether it is crucial to attend the university or not. However, I believe that everyone should choose on their own, as many people do not need the diploma to be successful and happy.