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Эссе на тему «To be happy a teenager need understanding parents»

Nowadays the discussion about teenagers’ happiness has become quite popular. Some people suppose that having understanding parents makes a youngster happier and more delighted. However, not everyone sticks to this opinion.

To my mind, a teenager’s happiness depends on having supportive parents. To begin with an adolescent becomes really excited if one’s parents share the same interests and allow one to take up any hobby. Moreover, understanding parents are always ready to motivate and to calm their child down if one faces problems. Finally, when it comes to choosing a career a teenager’s parents accept any decision and that makes one really enthusiastic.

Nevertheless, not all people share my position. They assume that a teenager cannot become happy having understanding parents as having friends of the same age is much more satisfying and enjoyable. What is more, a teenager gets really excited when succeeding in studies and thus, understanding parents is not enough for a real joy.

Still, I do not agree with my opponents. I think that friends are not always reliable and later they can let down and parents are always on their child side. Besides, not having enough support from one’s parents a youngster is not able to cope with studying because of stress.

To sum up, although there are different opinions on this topic, I still believe that having understanding parents makes a teenager satisfied. Accordingly, one gets support and motivation.

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