Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

The best holidays and weekends are with national traditions

There is no doubt that holidays play an important role in modern life. Many people think that the best special occasions are those connected with national traditions, whereas others disagree with this point of view.

In my opinion, following national traditions while on holiday or weekends has a beneficial effect on people’s life. Firstly, it gives them an opportunity to learn more about old customs and traditions of their place. Hence, it helps them to broaden their mind. Secondly, a country becomes stronger because its citizens get united by the national traditions and are proud of their homeland. Finally, it makes people love and appreciate home country.

However, there are those who think that nationwide holidays cannot benefit the society. According to their opinion, time goes fast and states gradually develop. Therefore, people sometimes forget old customs because of their uselessness. Additionally, taking over foreign feasts, for example, Halloween, Saint Valentine’s Day, is harmful to the national culture.

Despite this, I cannot agree with these statements. Today many citizens are more likely to revive forgotten traditions in order to save the individuality of their place. What is more, people of different nationalities become closer to each other due to foreign special occasions.

In conclusion, even though there are different points of view on the problem of celebrating national holidays, I am inclined to believe that nationwide events contribute to people’s and countries’ progress.