Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Some people think that to get a good education one should go abroad.

Nowadays the problem of studying abroad causes great debates. Some people are convinced that it is impossible to find a good university in their home country. However, others say that it is unimportant in what country to study.

From my point of view, it is much better to get an education in a local college or university. Firstly, studying abroad needs a lot of money, so not everyone can afford it. Secondly, studying in the motherland is more comfortable because students can visit their family more often or do not leave it at all if their university is nearby. Thirdly, moving in to another country always brings a lot of stress. When a person is not stressed, he or she feels calmness and confidence and can completely concentrate on studying, which is more effective.

Nevertheless, some people think that everyone must go abroad for studying because only foreign university can give quality education. Besides, studying abroad is the best way to learn a new language.

I disagree with the above opinion. If someone does not want to study, even the best teacher will not manage to give him or her a good knowledge. Self-education is an essential part of any tuition, so it is unimportant where to study. In addition, almost all people can use the internet and learn any languages communicating with native speakers.

To sum up, life means continuous development, so people should study during all their life at any age and in any place.