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One cannot make real friends online эссе 14 баллов Английский язык

Some people think that it is impossible to bake real friends online. However, there are a lot of people who think that online communication is the best way to make a real friend. I’m going to point out my opinion.

Personally, I think, that it is wrong to look for some friend online. Firstly, you should have live communication. Real friends always go for a walk or watch films together. Secondly, if you want to make a friend, you should look for him on the street. There are a lot of dangerous moments on social sites. Finally, you never know who are chatting with you. There are may fake photos and sites.

Nevertheless, there are some people who think overwise. To begin with, for young generation it is normal to make a real friend online. By the way, there are a lot of good sites for chatting. In addition, it can be uncomfortable for many people to connect with others in real life. Such kind of finding new friends as online communication can be the best way for them.

As for me, I strongly disagree with my opponents because I think that if you want to make a real friend, you need to do something. For example, go to the park and try to tell somebody “hello!”.

The problem raised in the essay is controversial, but I insist that one cannot make real friends online. If you want to have a good friend, you should look for him around.