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There has always been much controversy over the most enjoyable form of travel. Some people claim that going on a package holiday is worse than travelling independently, while others oppose this view. Personally, I think that an independent trip is a much more enjoyable option than an organized tour. Firstly, it gives people freedom because they are not limited where they can go and what activities they can do. So, independent travelers stand a better chance of seeing places of their interest. Secondly, travelling on one’s own allows for a lower pace and flexibility. You are free to extend your stay and get a more enriching experience in any destination.

However, some people say that organized and independent trips are equally enthrilling. When someone joins a guided tour, they can make new friends and get to know people they have never met before. Therefore, an organized travel can be funny and interesting.

I strongly disagree with this statement. Being on a guided tour, you are more likely to spend most of your vacation en route to the next location rather than enjoy it to the full. Moreover, you will not have an opportunity to step outside a tour group and explore the local culture.

In conclusion, despite other people’s opinion, I firmly believe that package holidays do not give people as much authentic experience as independent travels do.