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Эссе на 14 баллов – It is good to live in a big family

Nowadays governments of many countries encourage building big families. Some people consider enlarged familes with many children to be too difficult to handle with. Others, on the contrary, believe that big families have much more benefits than drawbacks.

Personally, I think that living in a big family is great. To begin with, the big family provides a tremendous support to all its members. There is no chance one feels lonely and lack of love. Moreover, it is useful when an individual has any problems such as bereavement, divorce or financial burdens. Family members can assume some daily routine and formal routine with documents on themselves. They also can financially support their relative.

However, some people argue with this point of view. They consider living in the big family too distracting and full of inconveniences. For instance, it is always noisy and lack of free space there.

In my opinion, this reasoning is flawed. In most big families parents do their best to make it comfortable and calm when one of the family’s members does something important like homework or taking an online study course. Experience of co-habitation with a lot of people will teach one to be respectful to others’ space.

To sum up, I am still deeply convinced that living in a big family is better than in a small one. We should not blame it for potential drawbacks and instead enjoy the profits it provides.