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In recent years tourism has really taken off. However, many people think that tourism ruins everything that it touches. What is your opinion? Should we develop tourism

Nowadays, the problem of tourism causes strong arguments and controversy. On the one hand, tourism is an amazing way to spend time. On the other hand, tourism can be damaging. I would like to express my opinion on this problem.

In my view, tourism should be developed. Firstly, tourism industry has a great influence on economy. If it evolves, a lot of money goes to the state budget that provides improvement of a country. Secondly, travelling refreshes our body and mind, improves health. Tourism gives a chance to ‘recharge the battery’ by relaxing which is especially important for those who live in cities. Moreover, it helps us to come closer to different cultures and become more tolerant to each other.

Of course, there exists another point of view on this issue. Some people claim that tourism should not be evolved. In their view, development of it causes increased pollution through traffic emissions, littering and noise.

Despite my respect for this opinion, I cannot share it because tourism is not the most important reason of ruining the environment. Whether it develops or not, nature is still be damaged by people who build factories, cutting the forests down, release pollutants and so on.

In conclusion, even though there are different points of view, I believe that tourism is not as bad as it seems to other people.