Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Exams motivate students to study harder.

It is common knowledge that exams play a big role in human’s lives. Some people claim that preparing for taking exams brings students many advantages, while others believe that exams are harmful to adolescents.

I am convinced that exams are the best motivation to work hard. Firstly, final exams will allow teenagers to go to university if they get high marks. It is impossible without putting much effort into their studies. Secondly, exams all the time remind students that they have responsibilities for their future which he or she is obliged to fulfill. Therefore, they do not waste time for useless things like playing computer games or watching TV shows.

Nevertheless, some suggest that exams discourage students from working harder. It happens because the system of taking exams is not always fair. Exam takers can get unexpected difficult questions, although he or she knows other topics, while a student who has not spent a lot of time for preparing for exams gain easier variant of test and pass it more successfully.

However, I cannot share this point of view. Most children do not achieve high goals because of circumstances. They work hard, have a lot of practice and improve their skills all day long during the school year or even more. These students are ready for any surprises and are able to overcome them.

To sum up, I think the exams make teenagers move forward and study hard for their future lives despite any obstacles.