Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Эссе с ЕГЭ 2020 – Family traditions help to cross the generation gap

Nowadays the importance of family traditions is a highly debatable issue. Some people assume that they maintain the communication between different age groups, while others disagree. In this essay, I would like to consider these points of view more closely.

Personally, I am inclined to think that traditions unite people from all the generations. Therefore, we are provided with an opportunity to listen to each other and cease the misunderstanding. Moreover, adolescents who respect customs of their families can evaluate how worthy the relative bonds are. They learn to treat older people, paying more attention to the problems of other generations.

However, there are those who claim that these mores are only a burden hampering the development of new ways to behave and communicate, consequently, making it impossible for older people to adapt to the new conditions and society and to be heard by youth.

Although at some point this statement may sound sensible, I strongly object to it due to the fact that juveniles, ignoring the traditions of the past, are unable to understand other age groups, that are used to live in another epoch.

To conclude, I want to emphasize the importance of preserving our family customs. This way, we introduce the lifestyle of the past to modern generations, thus, letting them learn about their roots and understand others better.