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Education is the most valuable thing for teenagers эссе Английский язык ЕГЭ 2019

Nowadays education plays a vital tole in everyone’s life. So, some people rend to think that studying is the most important thing for teens, while others do not think so.

I strongly believe that education is essential for teenagers. Firstly, studying helps teens to develop thier brain. For example, learning maths helps to develop concentration and planning skills which are extremely useful in the modern life. The humanities make students more creative. So, education broaden teens’ mind. Secondly, a good education is a key to success. All well-paid jobs require high education. Professionals can employ easier tnan people who do not study at the university.

Nevertheless, other people say that education is not the most valuable thing for teens because there are more important things in their lives. Teenagers should have their favourite hobbies, spend leisure time with friends and do sports. The do not have to study all their free time. They should have fun because it is the most wonderful period of their lives.

As for me, I cannot agree with the opponents’ point of view as it is really important to prioritize what you need and want to do. Teenagers should combine their hobbies with education but they must understand that they need to do their best in studying to become educated people, to have a happy life.

All in all, I want to say again that education is the most significant thing for teens because studying makes them smarter. Also, education allows to get a well-paid job.

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