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Эссе «To be happy a teenager need understanding parents»

Nowadays more and more people are arguing about young people’s happiness. One says that to feel happy youngsters need understanding mothers and fathers, while others do not agree with them.

Personally, I strongly believe that to be happy a teenager needs understanding parents for several reasons. Firstly, when your parents understand you, it is much easier to solve your problems because they help you to do it. Secondly, they will always be by your side, support you and share all your happiness and sadness with you. Thirdly, it is more comfortable to live in the same house with parents who understand you because you know that you will not be punished.

Nevertheless, my opponents can contradict by saying that parents’ understanding will not make a teen happy because of the generation gap, different interests and opinions. My critics are sure that it is more significant for teenagers to understand each other with your friends and it makes them happy.

However, I cannot agree with my opponents’ point of view. I think that you always can find a compromise with your parents despite your ages, ambitions and interests because they love you and respect your point of view. Moreover, our fathers and mothers know us much better than our friends and always can give us a piece of good advice for a happy life.

In conclusion, the issue in the essay is rather controversial. Nevertheless, I think that to feel happy a teen needs understanding parents.

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