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Эссе на тему «Books are still a better source of information than the Internet»

Some people are convinced that books are still the best place where they can find information but others believe that the Internet cap cope with this better. In this essay I will try to look upon this issue.

As far as I am convinced, books are still a better source of information than the Internet. Firstly, paper books contain full information about some problem that you want to comprehend. It would be needed to open a great amount of sites on the Internet to search everything you want. Secondly, you can find only tru and checked information in books that has been saved there through the years. Being found out from the Internet facts can be just false because everyone has the opportunity to write whatever they want on the Internet.

However, some people think different about this issue. My opponents believe that they might search anything on the Internet that can be found in books but quite quicklier.

Nevertheless, I am afraid I cannot agree with this statement. The Internet is relatively a new thing. People have access to the Internet only a few decades while they have books since the ancient times. Therefore, you cannot search as much facts and stories on the Internet as you can find out from books.

Taking into consideration different opinions, it must be said that the issue is rather controversial, I believe that books can cope with the role of a source of information better than the Internet.

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