Реальные сочинения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Реальное эссе на 14 баллов – It is good to have sisters and brothers

Nowadays a part of society considers that having many siblings is amazing. Although others are sure that it is better to be an only baby in a family. Anyway, I would like to look upon this question.

I personally think that it is adorable to be a part of a big family. Firstly, you always have a good company to do different things. You can have fun together all the time. Secondly, you would be supported in any case by your sisters and brothers. A person constantly learns how to be supportive in a big family. Consequently, the one gets an excellent background.

However, many people think in a different way. They say that having a lot of sisters and brothers is not good because parents cannot give all of their children a good education because of lack of money.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the opponents’ point of view because in a big households there are adult children who is already earning money. It can be used as money for college for younger siblings.

To sum up, though there are two points of view on this problem. I think that it is always great to understand that you have siblings and at the same time you have really loyal and supportive friends. This is the reason why having sisters and brothers is good.

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