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Эссе «To be happy one needs an interesting job»

There is a popular opinion that to be glad a person needs an exciting profession. At the same time, many others believe that it is not enough to have an interesting job to be happy.

I hold the view that to be glad people need a captivating (увлекательный) job. To begin with, an interesting profession can help most of us to feel less lonely and depressed. Moreover, a job which is full of exciting things can make people more energetic, help to forget about everyday problems, various difficulties in their lives and just to cheer up (взбодриться, развеселиться).

However, there is an opposite point of view that having an amazing and engaging job cannot make you happy. People are convinced that only a lot of money and wealth can create a good mood and give you an opportunity to get everything from life.

I do not fully agree with my counterparts because no treasures can compare to an interesting job, which can inspire you to live and enjoy the whole world.

To sum up my reasoning, I want to highlight that nothing can replace a good and exciting profession because it is a wonderful way to get a lot of positive emotions, pleasure and joy.

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