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Эссе на 14 баллов – It is better to travel alone английский язык

The problem of travelling has always aroused sharp debates. Some people think that when a person travels alone, he or she can get bigger profit, whereas others claim that a person should travel with friends or family to make holidays fascinating.

In my opinion, when a person travels with someone else, his or her vacation becomes better. Firstly, people who travel together can share their emotions. It helps them to remember more about a trip and understand another person’s attitude towards different places and events. Secondly, with friends and family a person can feel that he or she is in safe, because a person knows that they will help him or her, if something bad happens.

At the same time, not all people agree with my opinion. They claim that it is better to travel alone, because when a person travels with someone else, he or she cannot visit all places, where he or she wants to go, because this person has to appreciate another people’s needs.

I cannot agree with above-mentioned opinion. When people usually decide where they want to go they take into account all opinions. Therefore, if a person travels with a group, he or she will visit all places, where he or she wants to go.

To conclude, I want to say that the question of travelling is very controversial, but I strongly believe that when people travels together, it makes a vacation better.