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Эссе на тему «To be happy one needs an interesting job»

Happiness consists of different things like love, family, health, friends and etc. While some people agree that having an enjoyable job is also a part of being happy, others do not share this view.

As for me, I agree that being happy includes having an interesting job. First of all, a person who enjoys his or her job will never get bored. Secondly, if someone’s job is interesting, he or she will work with fulfillment. Even if the work is hard, this person will try to do his or her best. Working hard means that the person will sooner get a promotion and will earn more money.

However, some people are convinced that to be happy one needs a well-paid job, not interesting. They think that the money is a key to be happy.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the opposing opinion. The person who is not interested in his or her job will not work as hard as the interested person, which means that uninterested people will earn less money. Furthermore, uncomfortable job leads to stress and health problems. It means that well-paid job does not always include being happy. Sometimes it means being tired, bored and exhausted.

To sum up, I am fully convinced that those people who want to be happy should have an interesting job.

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